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FO76 Caps Gamers have discovered that the online RPG has a developer room where you can find virtually everything in the game including unreleased items like special power armor. It even includes the game's lone humanoid non-player character a hapless target named Wooby. It's not hard to find the general location although getting in reportedly requires less-than-legitimate methods.

Historically most major Bethesda games have contained these developer rooms. Much like the recently discovered Legend of Zelda minus world they allow developers to store some excess assets and maybe test a few things in the game environment. Most of the older developer rooms in Bethesda games were only accessible when you used certain console commands. Many players figured that tactic wouldn't work in Fallout 76 due to the game's multiplayer features.

Needless to say Bethesda isn't happy. Reportedly those sources said that the developer was automatically suspending accounts for anyone entering the developer room. At least one player claims to have received a message saying their character was in a "corrupted and/or unusual state" and warning buy FO76 Caps that they'd remain banned until they described how they entered the forbidden room. Third-party Fallout 76 markets have also banned users for trading equipment.

What's in Fallout 76's developer room? Quite a bit actually. The arguable highlight of the room (it's actually several rooms) thus far is what appears to be a model for a human NPC named "Wooby." As you may remember Bethesda had previously stated that there are no human NPCs in Fallout 76 because the game is about the first vault dwellers venturing into the world and settling it themselves. However the mysterious Wooby seems to suggest that Bethesda is either testing the idea of implementing human NPCs had previously tested it and rejected it or maybe just needed a human NPC around when it came time to test certain other items.

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