Soru A new IP "ATLAS" announced by developers of "ARK"

07 Ara 2018 09:16 #1 Yazan: game5mmo
Survival Evolved CD Key It appears that the pirates take on the game industry again - "Sea of ​​Thieves" from Rare earlier this year and Ubisoft is working on "Skull and Bones".

A new IP "ATLAS" by the team of ARK: Survival Evolved "was announced at The Game Awards 2018. Like "ARK" it becomes MMO but it becomes a pirate adventure which can enjoy a completely new world view

Now "The Ark: Survival Evolved" also announces you at the sea team with "Atlas" - a massive online game for up to 40,000 players on the same server. They did that during The Game Awards this night Norwegian time.

The map of "ATLAS" is 1200 times bigger than the server of "ARK" cheap Ark Accounts and you can fight against encounters with various terrain and creatures that exceed the imagination. For pirate lovers such as monsters protecting ancient civilization it seems to be an adventurous drama full of dreams.

The launch is next week! This work can be played on Steam from December 13 and the console version will start from Xbox One in 2019.

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